Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Yes, my object does present some personal choice. I loved the 7-Up bottle. It was so bright and lively in color, but doesn't give a full view as to what is on the opposing side of the bottle. Everything is just a blur. In my choice, I think that I'm saying I am also bright and lively, but harder to tell what's really going on on the other side. If I had to do this over, I would try not to let it lean so much, even though it gives it that Italian look. ;) I think my best part was the surface of the water and top of the bottle.
My goal was to make it look as painterly as possible, as well as keep it somewhat lifelike. I accomplished them by using different shades of the colors and adding a reflective surface look. The biggest pain with the 7-p bottle was getting the shades of the colors right. I took my time and made sure I looked at the all of the different shades. Craig Stephens was definitely my mentor for this painting, because of the way he did his paintings and how they seemed so lifelike, but comical at the same time.