Thursday, November 11, 2010

Black on Black Reflection

I really did not like using the pallet knife to be honest. It was not something that I enjoyed to use because I have not used oil paints many times to get used to the way oil paint lays, but it was a different experience that I would like to try again at some other point. What surprised me was how trying it was to keep the colors from mixing or getting the details I could add correct. It frustrated me that the picture had so little detail compared to my others, but it was a stimulating experience, because it was so totally different from the art I have previously done. To overcome this frustration, I switched my perspective of what I was actually doing, and instead of saying I was using less details, I was trying a different point of view. I learned that switching one's point of view could really help with overcoming the frustration of doing something that you wouldn't normally want to do under any circumstances.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Silence in Motion

This would describe silence in motion in a way that people would not really see, but is also very obvious. While doing the hand stands, we were both very quiet, but the scenery was as well. There weren't any pops of color in the scenery besides Melissa and I. We were in motion while the scenery stayed the same.
Another point would be the stances in the hand stands. I was still and motionless at the climax of the position, while Melissa was already moving on her way back down to land on her feet. It isn't extremely noticeable, but Melissa(in the shorts)'s right leg is lower than the other, which would show movement within the silence.